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I'm good. Thank you for inviting me. David, what have you been up to lately? Don't tell lies. Are you kidding? That movie's not funny. It's sad. I was crying at the end. Mary set the basket on the table. No, We didn't go there. I'd like to go there next time. What is that? You're on the right track. In my country everyone knows who they are. They're famous.
Kladblok: - My family isn't such a big family.
- We had a little water.
- She saw a tall man yesterday.
- She asked him where he lived, but he was too smart to tell her.
- It may possibly be fine tomorrow.
- How do you like your eggs done?
- He decided to feed his dog the rabbit that he had shot earlier that day.
- I didn't eat everything that she served me.
- She still loves him even though he doesn't love her anymore.
- Don't make me angry.
Say hello to your friends. Nancy told me about the fire. She herself helped him. Tom likes to play baseball. Go straight down this street and turn right at the third light. I don't speak English very well. I felt a sudden pain in my side. I wait for him at the station. She has never gone on a date with him. What would you like to eat?

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