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Me, too. He never gives me anything. No I'm not ready yet. I still have to brush my teeth and wash my face. Can you wait for a few minutes? I ordered new furniture. The baby was fast asleep. That wasn't very clever. We will let him try. Laptop. It will cool down tonight. Did you make it by yourself?
U1008 Free: - Whose house is across from yours?
- That's an incredible story.
- We shouldn't judge people by how they look.
- Where are you?
- He was in critical condition.
- Nowadays many people travel by car.
- This is my friend Tom.
- A car stopped at the entrance.
- The baby is still sleeping.
- Wait until tomorrow morning.
I'll take that one also. I'd like to have a glass of wine. He left the house without saying goodbye. You'll get lost. Did you get there on time? I have lost my camera. I make it a rule to get up early in the morning. I think I'll always love you. The concert was a success. I just asked because I thought you would know.

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