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He let me stay for a night. He ran away with the money. That's something that happens quite often. Tests start next week. Is one thousand yen enough? Is he coming regularly? When is the intermission? Oh, I see. OK then, I'll pick you up a little earlier and we can go to the Thai restaurant next to the theater, is that OK? They are playing chess.
Body Work Pusha T: - I can play tennis.
- It's eight o'clock in the morning.
- You are too sensitive to criticism.
- Yes, I think we're going to rent a movie. Have you seen anything good lately?
- Why did he quit his job?
- I was so looking forward to..
- She asked him why he was crying.
- Lisa holds a grudge against Stan.
- Sir, Mr. Ravi is on the line.
- Who threw a stone at my dog?
It's been keeping me awake at night. That's OK. I have a dim memory of my grandmother. I'm skeptical when I hear someone claim to speak more than five languages fluently. Near the bank. This stain won't come out. In Japan, the new semester begins in April. Don't leave your stuff behind. I think that Tom hasn't left yet. Is it useful?

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